An interesting study of color

The site, “Reading a World of Colors” takes a look at what colors men and women like/dislike the most and why. Here is an excerpt on using certain colors to portray a certain emotion tone:

For Setting the Tone

Folks also associate certain qualities or emotional tones with individual color or groupings of color. Pantone color expert Lee Eiseman elaborates on these associations.

  • Traditional: burgundy, teal, navy, hunter green, gold, plum, slate blue, vanilla.
  • Nurturing: peach, honey yellows, warm rose, cream, grayed lilac, baby blue, soft green.
  • Romantic: pink, rose, sage green, lilac, antique while, cameo blue.
  • Tranquil: blue, blue-green, cool lavender, seafoam green, mauve, light gray, natural.
  • Contemplative: neutral gray, beige, taupe, off-white with colored accents.
  • Whimsical: true red, bright blue, daffodil, kelly green, orange, periwinkle, vibrant pink.
  • Sensuous: warm red, mango, plum purple, hot pink, gold, deep blue, chocolate.