Author: Craig Allen

  • Jo’s Desserts

    Jo’s Desserts

    Joanna needed a website for her new cookie decoration business. She has an active social media presence and needed a website to point traffic to so people could see her work and submit an order. URL:

  • JG Beef

    JG Beef

    JG Beef is a craft beef family farm in Ohio. The owners needed a new website that could allow their customers to order their products and integrate into the inventory management system. I used WordPress to create the website and WooCommerce and to handle the eCommerce platform. URL:

  • Legacy Valves

    Legacy Valves

    Legacy Valves is located in Oklahoma City, OK and manufactures high-pressure, compact manifold floating-ball valve systems. They needed a new website for their business and so I built them a custom WordPress theme.

  • Training Customers to use WordPress

    Training Customers to use WordPress

    When I tell my clients they will be able to update their site on their own, the most common response is disbelief. It’s easy to forget that people who don’t develop websites themselves aren’t aware of the latest tools and features available to them. Also, many people have still not even heard of WordPress. I…

  • My favorite WordPress books

    My favorite WordPress books

    A quick review of some of my favorite WordPress books! I already mentioned most of these in my recent post about learning WordPress, but here’s what I learned and other information about why they were helpful. I typically enjoy reading books that are in a reference style, so it’s not only easier to skip around the…

  • Where I get answers to my WordPress questions

    Where I get answers to my WordPress questions

    When I first started learning WordPress about 10 years ago, I frequently broke my personal website and quickly had to figure out the problem to get it back online. Luckily I also learned very quickly not to make changes to my code directly on my live site, instead working on a local installation of WordPess…

  • My Resources for Learning WordPress

    My Resources for Learning WordPress

    Over the years I’ve found several useful resources for learning WordPress, whether as a designer/developer building themes or a user learning how to get the most of using it for your website. This is by no means an exhaustive list but the ones I’ve found the most useful.

  • How I Learned WordPress

    How I Learned WordPress

    I first discovered WordPress over ten years ago, when I was looking for a blogging tool that could also be used to make websites. I had been using Xanga before that, and MySpace even before that. Anyway, it came down to Blogger or WordPress, and I picked WordPress because it looked easier to customize. I…

  • Using WordPress for your Business

    Using WordPress for your Business

    There’s plenty of competition out there for software to run your business website. Many proprietary companies make similar claims about how easy it is to use their service to build your own website. They claim you don’t need to be a web designer or know how to write code to create a beautiful and functional website.

  • New Leaf Psych

    New Leaf Psych

    New Leaf Psych is a psychotherapy business in Southampton, PA serving the needs of men, women, adolescents, and children. URL: