Sunday, a Day of Rest

I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to schedule and manage my time. What has inevitably happened over the last several years is after starting to work on a new project (such as this business), I start getting so busy that other things in my life are thrown out of balance. I try to cut back but the feeling of failure often consumes my thinking.


Why I Love Desk


Desk is an amazing desktop publishing application. I have been using it for the last few months to post to the blog section of all my WordPress websites.


Learning GitHub

Since starting to work on a new WordPress theme, I’ve had a lot of things to learn on the design and development sides of things.  But I also thought it was important to learn something totally new, which is why I’m going to keep my code for this theme on GitHub.

That also means this theme will be completely Open Source – as in, free to download and even contribute to if you want.  As I learn more about GitHub as well, I will also be posting about my experiences with it.

Once I have a few pages fully coded in HTML & CSS, I’ll post the link to the project.


Code Like A Girl

I’m really excited to see things like this happening.  It gives me a lot of hope for my three daughters if any of them express an interest in learning how to code, or even anything in the technology field.

Productivity WordPress

How to Quickly Create a Link in WordPress

As I learned from Aaron Jorbin at WordCamp Philly 2015 this past weekend, you can now quickly create a link by pasting it directly onto your text in the WordPress editor.  This is a cool trick that will help you save a few seconds, especially when creating external links that you have to copy from your browser anyway.


My First WordCamp

I had a great time at WordCamp Philly 2015!  All of the speakers were excellent and the entire experience was well worth it.  I also met some really cool people and connect with a bunch more on Twitter thanks to the #wcphilly hashtag.

I have also been inspired to “get outside the WordPress bubble” by 10up CEO John Eckman, so I’ll be looking for other conferences in the area throughout the year.  There’s also a new WordCamp Scranton later this Summer which I’m planning to attend as well!

Sessions I attended

  • YOGA for Desk Jockeys by Erica Varlese
  • Start Selling Images With WordPress in Under 10 Minutes by Scott Wyden Kivowitz
  • Moonlighting With WordPress by Erica Sterling
  • Panel: WordPress in Schools (Content  Architecture was cancelled)
  • Getting outside the WordPress bubble by John Eckman
  • Advanced Topics in WordPress Development by Andrew Nacin
  • Building Parsec: A Fully Responsive Theme by Joe Casabona
  • Designeveloper – A Practical Designer’s Guide to Next-level Your Developexpertise by Justin Sternberg
  • Before You Quit Your Day Job by Sharon McMullen

Hello, World!

This is the default post that comes with every new WordPress installation. I have a tradition of using it to introduce my website instead of deleting it as most people do.

So, here is my latest creation.

I have re-branded my freelance web design business to give it a more personal touch. Using my last name, I want people to know when they hire me they are getting me a person and not just a web designer. What this means is that in addition to helping create websites, I am also committed to education my clients on how to use their website to accomplish their goals, whatever they might be.

I love WordPress because it gives people control of their own content. It’s simple and intuitive to use when setup properly and if you are taught how to use it. I have found most people are very excited to learn how to update their pages and even start blogging.

Using WordPress gives me the ability to hand a finished website while maintaining a working relationship to make sure my clients’ websites stay secure and functional.