When to use a Child Theme

Child themes are great because instead of modifying theme files, you can create your own page templates and custom CSS in a separate place. The reason for doing this is so you can update your theme in the future and not lose your changes.

Learning GitHub

Since starting to work on a new WordPress theme, I’ve had a lot of things to learn on the design and development sides of things.  But I also thought it was important to learn something totally new, which is why I’m going to keep my code for this theme on GitHub.

That also means this theme will be completely Open Source – as in, free to download and even contribute to if you want.  As I learn more about GitHub as well, I will also be posting about my experiences with it.

Once I have a few pages fully coded in HTML & CSS, I’ll post the link to the project.

Code Like A Girl

I’m really excited to see things like this happening.  It gives me a lot of hope for my three daughters if any of them express an interest in learning how to code, or even anything in the technology field.