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Hello, World!

This is the default post that comes with every new WordPress installation. I have a tradition of using it to introduce my website instead of deleting it as most people do.

So, here is my latest creation.

I have re-branded my freelance web design business to give it a more personal touch. Using my last name, I want people to know when they hire me they are getting me a person and not just a web designer. What this means is that in addition to helping create websites, I am also committed to education my clients on how to use their website to accomplish their goals, whatever they might be.

I love WordPress because it gives people control of their own content. It’s simple and intuitive to use when setup properly and if you are taught how to use it. I have found most people are very excited to learn how to update their pages and even start blogging.

Using WordPress gives me the ability to hand a finished website while maintaining a working relationship to make sure my clients’ websites stay secure and functional.