How I learned WordPress

How I Learned WordPress

I first discovered WordPress over ten years ago, when I was looking for a blogging tool that could also be used to make websites. I had been using Xanga before that, and MySpace even before that. Anyway, it came down to Blogger or WordPress, and I picked WordPress because it looked easier to customize.

I think I made the right choice.

Learning WordPress

My first foray into learning WordPress was when you could pay $50/year for your site to get access to the CSS file and start changing code to alter things like the colors and fonts. Eventually I wanted even more flexibility and found, the open source version that you could download and run locally on your computer (without needing a web host).

Since I already knew HTML and a little bit of CSS, I was now able to use WordPress to learn CSS and a little bit of PHP. But I didn’t really learn PHP until recently, when I started learning how to build themes from scratch.

More recently, WordPress has provided a platform for me to learn JavaScript and more about back-end programming. Not only has it been a useful tool to build fully functioning websites, it has been its own learning platform for me to continually learn new things about design, development, and many other things surrounding business and marketing.

The Future

While I am currently building themes and creating websites for people, I hope to continue to learning more in order to find areas to specialize in to provide more value to WordPress users.

Also, I plan on giving more talks and generally being more involved in the WordPress community, including going to the Philly ‘burbs WordPress meetup. If you’re in the area, hope to see you there!