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Sunday, a Day of Rest

I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to schedule and manage my time. What has inevitably happened over the last several years is after starting to work on a new project (such as this business), I start getting so busy that other things in my life are thrown out of balance. I try to cut back but the feeling of failure often consumes my thinking.

This year I’ve been working on creating a better balance of all my priorities, including work, family, hobbies, and leisure time. I realized I need to implement a system in order to keep those things separate and my true priorities sacred.

My job and family time are built into my schedule, so my hobbies and leisure are really what needs additional structure. I also knew I’d need to keep it simple to make it work over the long run.

My idea is simple: my free time on Saturdays are for working on my side projects and hobbies, while my Sundays will be a day of rest.

Some of these things will appear to overlap, but the concept is to give myself one day a week to just do things for fun instead of more work. One example is music. On Saturday I might work on writing or recording a song, but Sunday I will just play for fun with no set goals to accomplish.

In doing so, I know I will need to focus and use my time wisely instead of procrastinating on Saturday, then on Sunday all the pressure is off to just enjoy doing something I love. Both involve music but my intentions are clearly different.

If I need to work on a web project, I will get as much done as I can on Saturday, then use Sunday to read articles, listen to podcasts, and interact on social media.

I recently started a new hobby of writing fiction. So Saturday will be a writing day while Sunday will be for reading.

I won’t be able to do everything every weekend, but the point of organizing my time in this way is to establish a healthy balance of working and resting on the weekends, in between doing everything I already get to do with my family.

I think this will also help me feel more refreshed for Monday, when the work week begins again.

One thing I have yet to mention is week nights. To some degree I have some family responsibilities with my kids on some nights, but others are frequently free.

I still have to a few details to iron out in my schedule to fit in other work, fitness, and possible leisure. I will start by tracking how much time is used for what and go from there.

This past weekend was the first attempt at my new schedule. I’ll continue to post updates to see how things are working and if things need adjusting.