Where I get answers to my WordPress questions

Where I get answers to my WordPress questions

When I first started learning WordPress about 10 years ago, I frequently broke my personal website and quickly had to figure out the problem to get it back online. Luckily I also learned very quickly not to make changes to my code directly on my live site, instead working on a local installation of WordPess then pushing those changes once I knew everything would still work.

The official WordPress Support forums are the best place to ask questions and get answers to your WordPress questions. It’s where I started, and there is a very active community of people committed to helping new users especially.

If you have a more complicated question or problem to be solved, there is a WordPress development section on StackExchange that has plenty of information and active users.

Your local WordPress meetup and WordCamps are another great place to get specific help from within your own community. Not only do they have times and places to get help with your questions, but usually at WordCamps there are people from companies that develop the themes and plugins you might be using that can give you even more help.

Where do you go to get answers to your WordPress questions?