WordPress Podcasts

Since I have been working on my time management, I started using my work drive time (which is about half an hour each way) to listen to podcasts instead of music or talk radio. Needless to say this time has been much more productive and keeps me engaged while actively listening.

These are my top five podcasts for learning WordPress:

  1. Divi Nation Podcast
  2. Matt Report – A WordPress podcast for digital business owners
  3. Office Hours – Putting WordPress to Work
  4. The WordPress Chick Podcast
  5. WordPress Resource: Your Website with Dustin Hartzler


1. Divi Nation Podcast

This is a newer podcast I have been listening to the most recently in order to catch up on past episodes. It’s currently in the second season and so far I have really enjoyed listening to the interviews. Each one focuses on a different subject and ties into working with WordPress.

There are also parts of the interviews common to each episode which allow you to get to know some of each person’s story. These stories have been insightful and helpful to get to know everyone’s background and how they got to where they are now. It’s been encouraging while also full of useful information.

2. The Matt Report

Hosted by Matt Medeiros, this podcast has been around since 2012 and is one I have been listening to the longest. It features interviews and advice about running a WordPress-focused business. His insight into building a business or a product has been both interesting and insightful.

3. Officehours.fm

This podcast is hosted by Carrie Dils, and can be watched live every Thursday at 2:00 PM (ET). Since the podcast is live, she invites anyone to participate by submitting questions for guests. I have yet to participate or watch live but have enjoyed all of the interviews I’ve heard so far.

4. The WordPress Chick Podcast

Kim Doyal hosts this podcast featuring interviews with entrepreneurs. Naturally, the topics are focused on improving your business with motivational and practical resources.

5. WordPress Resource: Your Website with Dustin Hartzler

Last not but not least, this show offers a plethora of episodes offering tips and tricks for improving your WordPress website. Some of these are shorter which are great to listen to when I just have a few minutes left on my drive.

Have I missed any great ones? Let me know in the comments.